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Note: We have temporarily suspended our mathswatch answer database for time being.  We plan to have it back up by late 2018

Mathswatch can be a tricky to do on your own.  That’s why at answerbutler we have collected all the answers we can make your maths easier.  Some of these answers were collected by the butler himself, but a majority came from users like you.  If you have some solutions to submit please do so through the contact section so everyone can benefit.

Mathswatch VLE Answers

The answer collection we have helps you solve problems on the VLE section of Mathswatch.  Once you have the key you can look up the questions and their reciprocals by using the ctrl+f key on your browser.  This is the quickest way to bounce around through the thousands of submissions people have made.  Start by logging in at the official Mathswatch site, and also log into the database of answers at the top of this page.  Then use a separate window to easily switch between sheets and make the process as easy as possible.

Worksheet, Homework, and Assignment Answers

The maths worksheet answers are in a separate category all by themselves.  This makes finding what you need a little bit easier than if they were mixed in with the larger database.  We had thought about including worksheets underneath categories like grade 7, grade 8, and grade 9; or in categories like trigonometry, geometry, and vectors.  If you think this would be easier please leave a comment below and we will think about reorganizing the sheets to better suit everyone.

how to answer mathswatch vle

Higher and Foundation

The lines of the mathswatch answers have tags that will let you see if they belong to higher answers or foundation answers.  Use these tags to filter in order to search for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) questions and solutions.  You can also find essential revision queries and worksheets alongside these.

For the foundation book and online sections there is also a tag to easily sort them.  Just use your browsers search function and type in foundation.  You should also try to add terms like clip, grade, and worksheets to further narrow your search.  But the easiest way is to be more specific and use an entire phrase like probability using venn diagrams.

Clip Answers

Ah yes the pesky Mathswatch clip answers.  After watching a clip you have to answer questions based on what you learned.  These are stored in sections by the dozen within the database.  So if you are looking for clip 207 answers you can sort from highest to lowest until you find the clip.  You can also find clip 150, 207, 159, 157, 199, 137, 142, 183, 106, 135, 183, 164, 162, 160, 136, 188, 105, 151, 131, 161, 173, 163, 180, 97, and 147.  These are the most popular ones and we keep adding new mathswatch clip answers all the time.

Grade and Other

We are still working to properly tag these mathswatch answer groups.  You will see them taking shape over the next few months.  For now here are the tags we do have, if you would like to see a change to this please leave a comment below, we really value your feedback!

  • KS3 – these key stage 3 solutions help you to get through mathswatch’s KS3 questions
  • GSCE – help with the General Certificate of Secondary Education area
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12
  • new spec answers
  • vectors – all the answers relating to mathswatch vectors questions and coursework
  • trigonometry
  • interactive questions and answers
  • surds
  • simultaneous equations
  • ebook
  • probability
  • circle theorems

Don’t Use These as a Mathswatch Hack or Cheat

Like we say on the home page only share these mathswatch answers as an additional learning tool to help you study and prepare for your exams.  Use them as helping hand to guide you through the sticky parts of your homework an book assignments.  Don’t use it to cheat on tests, and don’t use them to hack your way through mathswatch so you can simply play video games after finishing.  We want the best for you at and that’s why we try to help you find homework help, so you don’t give up! Learning can be fun, just don’t cheat.

There are also no known Mathswatch VLE hacks at this moment like there can be for other online software.  The site is well built so there is no way to cheat by hacking your way in and changing your grades so that you pass.  If you would like to share productivity tips and tricks please add a comment below:)


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