Answers Database

Dearest Sirs and Madams,

I have collected all the answers to Kerboodle, just as you requested.  They are sorted below by their subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, maths, and languages.  You will also find practice questions and answers, tests, questionsender, crosswords, and quiz answers.  Because of the nature of worksheets, some of them being very custom to the teacher, not all of them appear in the answer key.

Answers By Subject

There are dozens of subjects in Kerboodle, and depending on your teacher and your school you will have different ones available to you.  What follows is a list of our most searched for subjects and a short description of the answers within.

Kerboodle Maths

For kerboodle maths you will find many sub categories like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calc, and full calculus.  There are many textbooks that are used in Kerboodle maths as well.  Discovering Mathematics, MYP Mathematics, IB, AQA Studies Level 3, GSCE Mathematics: Revision & Practice 5th edition.  The former are the most popular books, and the full list goes to 469 other books spread over many years.  Most books from before 2010 are not in the AnswerButler answer keys.

Kerboodle Science

For science there are again many subcategories like chemistry, biology, physics.  Each of these has a different levels and qualifications like AQA, OCR, WJEC, Edexcel, Cambridge, or IB.

Kerboodle Languages

These answers are actually my favorite to acquire for Answer Butler because I am a big lover of linguistics.  Kerboodle has great resources for German, French, Spanish, Latin, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and 10 others.  Answers for the most popular are in the download section.  However for less popular languages like latin there isn’t time to find all the answers.

Other Kerboodle Books

Other subjects in the answers include religious studies, psychology, geography, history, and design.  Not all of these have their answers 100% completed so its best to look through the download section and check if what you need is there.

Kerboodle Cheats and Glitches

For Kerboodle there dosen’t seem to be any fun glitches or hacks for the website like there are with My Maths Hacks.  Instead you can use the answers supplied above to give you a leg up on the textbook and online questions.

I must remind you not to use answer keys alone.  Its important that you learn as much as possible during school, even if Kerboodle can be a bit tedious at times.  Cheating will only get you bad marks that may not reflect in your Kerboodle markbook, but eventually will catch up with you when you need to take an in class exam.

Now, how do I recommend you use the answers?

You should use them only as a reference when you are truly stuck.  Make sure you examine the question and ponder it deeply.  If it is a maths or a science question you should experiment with different strategies from the lesson.  If it is a foreign language test you can have a browse through the textbook and translation tools.

Once you have exhausted all your attempts at solving the problem you can use the answers to give you a much deserved aha moment.  You can also use them to help you check your work before clicking the submit button.

As a study guide the answers work terrific, by the way.  A scan through them will quickly refresh your memory for all levels, aqa, ocr, a2, gsce, etc.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ring the bell by leaving a comment below.  I will promptly arrive with a tray of crackers and tea, ready to assist you in any way i can.

– The Answer Butler